Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yes, but which grill? Can I have two?

So this is one of the Viking gas grill. Pretty much the middle of the range option. And what I'm working on is which one of the range might be most suitable for us. Start from the point that we live in a warm climate, that while it's not summer all year even now in late November we'd quite happily cook and eat outside in the middle of the day (but not at night at this time of year). OK, so that's the first hurdle, erm, hurdled: we eat and cook outside for enough of the year that it's worth our making sure that we've got top end equipment to do so with.

Now to the second issue: are Viking grills actually that top end equipment? Yes, clearly and obviously they are: they are pretty much what a commercial establishment might use. Made out of stainless steel (so no worries about their being out in the garden all year) and with 29,000 BTU in the burners (yes, this is a lot) the grill itself is capable of grilling just about anything. And yes, they're robust, they'll even put up with my less than careful handling.

But now comes the decision about which one in the range to have. Do I want just a Viking grill? Just that, a 30 inch grill? Or might I want to have a larger grill, perhaps with a couple of side burners, as in the one pictured? Or should I go all the way to the top end for a massive 53 inch grill, the sideburners, an oven and even warming drawers? An entire standalone kitchen all on its own? Decisions, decisions, I know, it's a tough life. I have a feeling that the correct answer will come from (as so often happens) the wife. Should I be preparing to cook just for us, in which case the small grill, or am I to get ready to cook for passing armies? In which case the largest possible I would think.

Anyone else know the answer?