Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Riboflavin is a vitamin, yes, Vitamin B2.

OK, excellent, but is there anything else we can use Riboflavin to teach us? Well, actually, yes, we can. For we can use it as an estimation of how well educated Americans are.

And here's how we can use Riboflavin to work this out.

In todays Dilbert comic Dogbert decides that he's going to use Twitter. But he being Dogbert he decides that he's only going to tweet one word a day. And today's word is Riboflavin.

Unh, hunh....what happens next? Yes, Riboflavin becomes one of the words that Google Trends tells us that tens of thousands are searching for as they desperately try to make sense of today's Dilbert strip. Not that you need to know what it means to get the joke.

But it would indicate, however slightly, that Scott Adams is perhaps writing a little above his audience's reading grade. I mean, really, not knowing that Riboflavin is a vitamin: doesn't anyone read the back of cereal packets any more?