Tuesday, February 27, 2007

California Driver Education

Certainly things have changed since I was there: driver education in California now requires that you take a state approved test before you can get your learner's permit. I am glad that wasn't in place when I took my California driver's test: I would never have managed to do what I did, arrive in the country and rent a condo, buy a car, get a licence, get the house furnished and everything insured in just 8 days.

However, don't despair, there are simple ways to deal with the problem. One option is to get this program dealing with driver education in California. It's a state approved course, so it meets the rules, but the difference is that you can do most of the work at home. Once you've studied this, you can get your learner's permit. Now what is the value of being able to do this at home? Well, you can do it in your own time, at your own speed. There's no need for parents to ferry you off to classes at a particular time and that all just makes life so much easier.

The second option for California driver education is to look at that program, the virtual one. This is computer based and allows you to learn safe and effective driving techniques from your own room! You can simply log on when you want to and take parts of the course. Again, the value is that you can do this when you have time to, not working to the rigid timetable of organised classes. It's also true that we all learn more when we are the only student, not being distracted by those around us.

Either or both programs will teach you in the way the law insists you must be, so that you can complete your California driver education and get your learner's permit.

After that, it's driving on the real roads to gain experience, and no one has quite worked out yet a simpler way to do that.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Antonella Barba Nude Pictures!

Yes, we've been able to track down those famous nude pictures of American Idol's Antonella Barba.

Actually, Antonella is not quite nude in the pictures, or at least that set of them that we're going to point you too. They're more cheescake than they are anything as raunchy as Playboy puts out. You'll probably see more flesh at Mardi Gras although, to be fair not flesh quite as good looking as that of Antonella Barba.


The link to more from this photo set is here.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Video

Jeez, some people, there's a video out there of the medics working on Anna Nicole Smith's body:

Grainy video footage of paramedics working on the unresponsive body of Anna Nicole Smith turned up on the Internet and on German television on Friday a day after the sudden death of the former Playboy model in Florida.

The brief video, shot by the Los Angeles-based Splash News and Picture Agency, captures Smith being wheeled on a stretcher on Thursday from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Paramedics can be seen pumping her body as she is lifted on to an ambulance. One paramedic is seen operating an oxygen pump. She was pronounced dead in the hospital but the cause is yet to be determined.

Splash said it had sold the rights for $500,000 to a buyer it declined to identify. The footage showed up on several Internet sites and on German's RTL TV channel.

Oh well, at least they didn't team up with Paris Hilton to make it a necrophilia movie.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen

It looks like Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise's ex-squeeze, is going to be in the next Woody Allen movie:

Oscar-nominated Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is to star in the new Woody Allen film, to be shot this summer in Barcelona, newspaper El Pais reported on Friday.

Citing Cruz's agent, El Pais said the film was still without a title but that the sought-after actress would speak in Spanish and in English.

Allen has shot two of his last features in London -- "Match Point" and "Scoop" -- and announced some time ago that he would film in Barcelona, without giving further details.

His latest film, "Cassandra's Dream," starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell, has yet to be released.

That's one role that can't be blamed on the influence of scientology and probably all the better for it.